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Steps To Fix AOL Mail Down or Not Working Problem

AOL mail is considered the best emailing platform that allows the users to send and receive messages. Apart from this, the user can also do online browsing. Thus, to avail of all features and benefits of AOL Mail, the users must have an AOL Account.
Apart from providing the smoothest and finest online services, users still encounter issues while sending and receiving emails due to several reasons. Among several issues, AOL mail down is the one that users face while using their account. Here in this section, we have discussed the steps to resolve the AOL down the issue.

Major AOL Mail Down Problems

Mentioned below are the major AOL down problems that the user face while using the AOL. Whenever the user encounters the AOL mail down issue, they should get in touch with the AOL experts for real-time assistance. Thus, below described are the major AOL Down issues.
➔ Not receiving Email on AOL
➔ AOL not available currently
➔ AOL mail unable to load
➔ AOL fails to open
➔ AOL unable to load
➔ AOL Mail taking Page loading time

Reason behind AOL Down issue

Because of these reasons, users face the AOL down issue or not working problem. Thus, below described are the reasons due to which the issue arises:
➔ Cookies in the Browser
➔ Firewall Guiding Principle
➔ The virus in the system
➔ Corrupted Software
So, these could be the reasons behind the AOL down the issue. Therefore, to resolve the issue, users are suggested to follow the steps discussed below.

Methods to Fix AOL Not Working

The users who are trying to access their AOL Login Account on their device and face AOL down issue should follow the steps provided below.
➔ Open the AOL mail on the device. Type the login credentials and go to the incoming/outgoing server settings
➔ Then select the Manual Setup option.
➔ Now click on the IMAP account settings and then configure it like the way as mentioned below.
➔ Note: Do not use quotation marks while entering these data.
➔ After this, in the IMAP server field, type “” and the Port field, type “143.” Also, set the Security type as “None.”
➔ Now click on the “Next” option and then set the SMTP preferences.
➔ Then carefully type “” in the SMTP server field. After that, enter “587” in the port section.
➔ After this, save the AOL Configuration changes and then close the application.
➔ Now check whether the “AOL Not Working” issue gets resolved or not.
Therefore, if the issue does not get resolved after applying these steps, ask for assistance from the AOL experts.

Contact AOL experts to fix issue

If, after applying these steps, the AOL Mail Down issue does not resolve, then gets connected with the AOL customer service team. The AOL professionals are always there to guide the users throughout the process. Apart from this issue, the users can ask for assistance related to AOL mail.

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