AOL Mail is a URL for AOL account registration and Sign In. It provides you a secure platform from where you can create an account if you are a new user. Apart from this, if you are already enrolled with AOL but want to create an additional account, you can create one via by using a new email address.

Why is it necessary to create an AOL account?

AOL offers a wide range of services and products such as AOL Mail, ID Protection, AOL Shield Pro, AOL Desktop Gold, AOL Mobile, AOL “Search and Recover” service, etc. If you want to take a free trial of any of these services or want to purchase one, it is compulsory to create an account first via Also, to access the AOL application on mobile, it is obligatory to perform the account registration process. Furthermore, after creating an account, you will get some exceptional benefits. For example, you can view and configure all your mail in one place, create different folders to segregate your emails, manage your events or meetings by using the “Calendar” service, transfer your emails to the Archive folder, and a lot more. Hence, an AOL account needs to be created for accessing all the services offered by AOL.

Simple and Understandable Process for AOL Account Registration

Simple and Understandable Process for AOL Account Registration
  1. To commence the account registration process, launch a reliable internet browser, and insert in the address bar. To reach the Sign In window, you have to just press the Enter key on your keyboard. 
  2. On the Sign In page, you will spot a “Create an Account” tab. Click on the tab to open the Sign-Up Form on your computer screen. The form comprises several fields that are compulsory to fill with accurate information. 
  3. The primary step is to enter your first name and last name into their corresponding fields. In the second place, you have to enter an email address. The email id you provide must exist otherwise you will see an “Invalid email address” message on your screen. 
  4. Along with this, you have to generate a password that you will use every time for login into your AOL account. The password you create must not contain “AOL”. Also, it is advised to develop a tough password so that no unauthorized user would be able to access your account for viewing your confidential emails. You can add upper-case letters, numeric values, symbols to make your password extremely difficult. 
  5. Further, it is required to enter your mobile number. Ensure that the phone number you are providing must be valid and reachable. Hence, type the phone number into its specified field without ignoring any of its digits. Following this, you have to provide your Birth Month, Day, and Year with accuracy. 
  6. In addition, type your Gender. Further, it is suggested to read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use by clicking on their links so that you get aware of all the AOL terms. If you have no doubts or issues regarding the AOL terms, click Continue to step forward with the account registration process. 
  7. The “Verification Code” window will come into view. There you have to enter the code that is delivered to you on your phone number. So, open the “AOL Verification Code” message on your SMS and then input the code. 
  8. Finally, click Continue and a pop-up box will be shown to you implying that the AOL account is successfully formed.

Perform the AOL Sign In Process via

Perform the AOL Sign In Process via mail aol com
  1. Browse to and the AOL Login window will be presented on your screen. 
  2. For signing in, type the email id that belongs to your AOL account into its allotted space. Also, enable the checkbox of “Stay Signed in”. Doing so, you will no longer need to provide your credentials when you attempt to login next time. 
  3. Click Next. A new window containing the “Password” field will turn up on your screen. Input your passphrase that is linked and associated with your AOL account. 
  4. Once done, click Next. With this, you will be signed in to your account. Now, you are ready to use AOL for sending emails, creating folders, and a lot more.

Steps to Enable Two-Step Verification via

Two-Step Verification is a way to prevent your AOL Account from illegitimate or unauthorized access. By enabling it, you have to enter a code in addition to your password in case you login from a new device or web browser. 

  1. Go to and sign in to your registered AOL account by specifying your true credentials. 
  2. On the main interface, you will recognize an “Options” tab. Click on it and then tap on the“Account Info” option. 
  3. With this, you will view a new window, select the “Account Security” option from the left panel. Beneath the section of Two-Step Verification, you have to activate the Toggle button. 
  4. By doing so, a dialog box will come into view asking you to enter your mobile number. So, provide your phone number and click “Send SMS”. 
  5. Input the verification code that is delivered to you on your mobile number. Then, click Verify. In this manner, you can enable two-step verification for your AOL account.