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What is AOL Mail?

America Online or AOL is one of the pioneering American internet service providers. Furthermore, they offer various products and services for comfort, leisure, security, connectivity, etc. Moreover, it is a revolutionary name. It tried the internet in the early 1990s and made it accessible for everyone at home. Data Secure Service, AOL Mail, AOL Desktop Gold, AOL Shield, and ID Protection are some fantastic products and services available. AOL launched its first-ever webmail service called AOL Mail, a free and prolific mailing platform.   

AOL Mail is a secure and safe email network connecting millions of people globally. It is one of the first internet names with virus prevention and strong spam filters. These are two features of AOL Mail’s key USP. Furthermore; it is a cost-effective email service excellent for sharing communication over mail with complete security. In addition, this email service comes with a slew of contemporary features to positively escalate the user’s experience. Moreover, you can use the MyAddress function to customize your email address. Also, with a few clicks, you can have a hold of all the latest information about the world, trending videos, or political subjects and experience fast-loading emails. This service is available on all of your devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Key features of AOL Mail

AOL Mail Login Account offers its users with a variety of features that help them to enjoy personalized mailing experience. You can easily customize your email account, organize it, create folders, and a lot more. Some of the key features of AOL mail are mentioned underneath.

  • AOL account has two versions: Basic and Full-fledged i.e. Regular.  You can switch between the two using your AOL account.
  • You can enjoy ultimate spam protection. 
  • It offers you to keep yourself organized by accessing the Calendar. You can add events to it, set important reminders, and more. 
  • In your AOL account, you can delete the unwanted emails from the inbox. Along with you, it also provides an option to recover the emails that you have deleted.
  • You can change your whole email account the way you want by customizing all panels, adding the options, or removing the unwanted ones, make changes in the tabs, etc.

What are the advantages of having an AOL account?

What are the Advantages of having an AOL Account

AOL Mail is one of the popular mailing platforms with a wide range of features. There are so many advantages that make this a highly used service. Some of the advantages are provided below. 

  • You can use this mailing service right from your smart device by downloading the app.
  • Offers ultimate protection from hackers and cyber-attacks through two-step verification. 
  • It can be used on a third-party email platform by changing the AOL Mail settings.
  • You can customize your AOL account using its various features such as resizing the panel, organizing mails, etc. 
  • Get expert customer support to resolve all the issues and fix the hindrances that might negatively impact your experience. 
  • For the fast performance, you can make the use of shortcut keys in the AOL Mail account for executing several functions. 
  • You can personalize your emails by adding signatures to it and by changing its font, color, its size, and more.

Minimum system requirements for AOL mail

Minimum System Requirements for AOL Mail

Minimum system requirements are the criteria that users must keep in mind before they get started with AOL Mail service. Fulfilling these requirements will help you to enjoy a seamless mailing experience. For using the AOL emailing platform you are not asked to do much. You just have to keep in mind the operating system requirements with the browsers that AOL supports. 

  • AOL works best with “Windows 7” and “Mac OS X” and all the later versions. 
  • If you are looking forward to using AOL Mail on a smart device, then you must ensure that you are using “Android 4.4” or “iOS 9.3” and later versions.  
  • In the case of web browsers, users must use any of the mentioned web browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

Create and manage an AOL Mail account

To make the best use of this emailing platform, you first have to create an account with AOL. For account creation, follow the given process. 

  1. Start by moving to the official AOL website. The link for the same is “”.
  2. From the top-right corner, click the “Login/Join” link.
  3. Click the “Create an account” tab which is located beneath the login fields.
  4. Now, type in all the vital information in their respective fields. You will get the fields for name, email address, password, mobile number, birth date, and gender. 
  5. As you are done filling all the provided fields, take a glimpse at the privacy policy and AOL terms. 
  6. Press “Continue” to confirm the account creation.
  7. The verification window will now prompt on your screen. Verifying your account by entering the code that you receive on your linked mobile number.
  8. Finally, press “Continue” and get done with the account creation.  

Once you get registered successfully with AOL Mail by creating an account, you can access it anytime using your associated login credentials and manage your account as well as a subscription. You can alter the username, password, personal, or billing information. Along with this, you can manage the security of your account, make changes in the mail settings, and much more.

A quick way to recover your AOL email account

A quick way to Recover your AOL Email Account

For a successful AOL mail login, a user needs a username that is created for the AOL account and account security passcode. Forgetting any of the credentials might lock you out of the account. Hence, AOL asks all the users to add the alternative email address as well as a mobile number that might help in recovering the locked account. To learn about the account recovery process when you have forgotten the login detail i.e. username, take a glance at the information provided below. 

  1. Move to the sign-in window with the help of the “” URL.
  2. Choose the “Forgot Username” option.
  3. Enter any of the details that you remember i.e. linked email address, or recovery phone number, or recovery email address. 
  4. Hit “Continue”.
  5. Permit AOL to send verification code to you on the email address or phone number that you have invaded.  
  6. Move to your account or smartphone, access the code, and return back to the AOL Mail recovery window. 
  7. Type the code into the empty field and press “Continue”.
  8. You will now get the list of all the accounts that are linked with your mobile number or email address. Choose the account you want to recover. This will successfully recover your account and take you to the main interface of it. 

Similarly, in case you forgot the password, then visit the sign-in window and enter the username linked to your account. In the password screen, click the “Forgot Password?” link and confirm to receive a verification code. Type in the code and create a new password for your account.

How to Reset my AOL Password?

How to Reset my AOL Password

Passwords are an important piece of information that provides a layer of protection to your account and personal information from unauthorized access. Stroger the password, the better account security from spying eyes and hackers. 

At times, users might forget the password that they create for the security of their accounts. In such a scenario, you must follow the process mentioned above. However, if you want to change the password by accessing your account, you can take the help of instructions given below. You must change the passcode periodically to keep up with the security. 

  1. To begin the AOL Mail password change procedure, you have to access a web browser. 
  2. Then, invade the relevant AOL Login URL i.e. “” in the provided address field.  
  3. Now, reach the main interface of your account by providing the required login credentials i.e. the username and password. 
  4. After that, look at the left-hand panel and choose the “Account Security” option from there. 
  5. In the very first section of the Account Security screen will provide you a “Change Password” link. Click it to step forward. 
  6. As you do so, you might be prompted to provide your credentials along with verification code. 
  7. Once you are done providing the information, you will get the fields to set a new password for your AOL Mail account. Create a new, strong, and protective passcode. 
  8. Click “Continue” and you are done. A successful message will appear on your screen and you can now use your account with better security.

Use POP or IMAP to sync AOL Mail on a third-party app or download your email

Use POP or IMAP to Sync AOL Mail on a Third-party App or Download Your Email

POP and IMAP are the two protocols that help the users to set up their AOL Mail account on a third-party app. If you want to access your mails on a different interface, then you can easily sync your AOL Mail account to a third-party and send and receive emails. 

POP is an abbreviation of the Post Office Protocol. This helps you to download a copy of your AOL emails to the application from your AOL account. Doing so, you can keep your mails secure even if you remove it from your email account. You must use the incoming server as “” and outgoing server as “”. Also, set the POP port as 995 SSL and SMTP port as 465 SSL. 

IMAP is another important protocol that helps users in keeping both the platforms synced with each other. This will keep the information updated on both platforms. It basically links both the platforms together and hence, any update made on one platform will automatically get done on another. In order to set IMAP Mail settings, you must keep the IMAP port at 993 SSL and SMTP at 465 SSL. For incoming mail server use, “” and outgoing mail server at “”.

Add two-step verification for extra security

Add Two-step Verification For Extra Security

Two-step verification is an additional layer of protection to your account that provides you with better protection. Enabling the two-step verification will send you a code every time you try signing in to your AOL Mail account from a new and unknown device. This is an extra step of protection along with the password that will keep your account secure from spying eyes. In order to add two-step verification to your mail account, take the help of the given directions. 

  1. First, you have to navigate to the sign-in window and access your mail account by entering the registered credentials. 
  2. From your AOL account, click the “Profile” icon which is positioned on the top corner right-hand side. 
  3. Next, from the sidebar, choose the “Account Security” option.
  4. As you scroll down, you will find the Two-step verification section. Turn on its toggle button and you will be asked to enter the mobile number. 
  5. Enter the number to receive the verification code. 
  6. Access the code and write it in the AOL Mail window.
  7. As you click the “Verify” button the two-step verification will get successfully verified.

Download and install the AOL app on Android

Download and Install the AOL App on Android

For instant notifications and easy access to mail accounts anytime, AOL offers its users with the AOL app. Downloading and installing the AOL app will help you to enjoy all the enhanced features right from your smart device. It provides you with 1 TB of mail storage and can be easily used on both the Android and iOS devices. 

The process for downloading and installing an AOL Mail app on the Android device is quite simple and easy to perform. All you have to do is, follow the provided steps carefully and complete the procedure in a couple of minutes. 

  1. Access the “Google Play Store” on your smart device and type in the “AOL” in the search field.
  2. Google will now show you the search result with all the applications. 
  3. You have to choose the official AOL app. Then, hit the “Install’ tab. As you do so, the download of the AOL app will begin. 
  4. As the download gets complete in a minute or two, you have to open the application on your device by clicking on its icon. 
  5. In the main interface, look at the lower-right corner and click the “Mail” icon. 
  6. Then, sign in to your AOL Mail account to get access to your inbox. Once you are signed in, you can use your account and get the most out of it.


If you are looking forward to a delightful emailing experience, you must opt for the AOL Mail service. You can get started with the mails without paying a single penny. It can be availed easily by creating and signing in to your AOL account. To create an account, you will get millions of options to choose a perfect username. Its easy-to-use interface will make the whole process much easier and enjoyable. You can sign in to your account and modify it as per your requirement and give your account a personal feel. To help you out, we have provided all the information with step-by-step instructions. You must check the information this article offers and take your AOL Mail experience to a next level. This a perfect email platform that can opt for. At last, you must sign in to AOL and provide yourself the experience that you have never thought of.