AOL Mail

AOL Mail Login

AOL Mail Login

Proper and Explained Steps for Creating an AOL Account

For the AOL mail login, the primary step is to create an account. So follow the below-listed steps cautiously.  

  1. Lookup for a well-supported web browser on the desktop of your system. You can distinguish between Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari as per your preference and availability. 
  2. Put your cursor in the address field and input Then press the Enter key and the AOL Mail homepage will come into view. Now, you need to click on the “Login/Join” option which is placed in the top-right corner of the window. 
  3. This will bring up the Sign In page on your computer screen. As you are not enrolled with AOL yet, you have to click on the “Create an Account” tab which you will find at the bottom of the “Sign In” dialog box. 
  4. A Sign-Up form will get displayed on your screen and you have to provide each and every detail accurately for “AOL Mail Login”. The first field is “Name”. So provide your First and Last Name into the space provided. 
  5. Then, type an authenticated and valid email id into the Email Address field. Now, it’s time for setting a password. It is to be remembered that passwords are case-sensitive and hence you have to set a difficult password. For developing a strong password, include alphanumeric characters, and valid symbols. 
  6. Now, provide the mobile number that you are presently using. It is mandatory to give your phone number to receive instant messages such as verification codes. Thereafter, input your Birth Month, Day, and Year into their allotted spaces. 
  7. Select Your Gender, acknowledge the Privacy Policy, and all the AOL Terms. Then, click Continue. A new window will pop-up and to step forward, you have to click on “Text me a Verification Code”. 
  8. At the top of your SMS inbox on your phone, you will find an AOL message. Open it and view the code. Now go back to your account creation window, enter the verification code, and tap Verify. 
  9. A new window will turn up on your screen displaying you the confirmation message, click “Continue”. This concludes the account creation process. Now, move ahead for AOL Mail Login.

Complete Guidelines to Access your AOL Mail Account

Complete Guidelines to Access your AOL Mail Account

For acquiring any AOL subscription or to use the Email services, it is compulsory to login to your AOL account. Have a look at the step-by-step procedure to execute the AOL Mail Login process. 

  1. Navigate to by inserting the URL into the address bar. Now, mention the email address correctly into its assigned field. 
  2. If you want to save the details of your AOL login credentials, enable the “Stay Signed In” checkbox. Then, click Next. 
  3. With this, you will get to see the Password Field. Place your cursor in it and enter the password that you have set while registering for AOL Account for the first time. 
  4. Click Next. If you have specified the accurate AOL mail login password, the main interface of your account page will be presented on your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to create a new folder for organizing your AOL Mails?
Ans1. Go to and click on Login/Join. Now, sign In by providing the AOL Mail login details. On the left-panel of the window, you will spot the “Folders” option. Click on it and then give a name to your folder as per your preference. Then, click on the “Plus” icon in order to save the folder name. This way you can create multiple folders in AOL for organizing your mails. 

Q2. How to switch among Basic and Standard Versions of AOL Mail? 

Ans 2. AOL offers you two different versions for accessing your emails i.e Basic and Standard. To switch between the two, you have to first conduct the AOL Mail login process. Once you have signed in, click on the “Options” link which is positioned at the upper-right corner of the main window. This will display a menu box. From there you can select either the “Basic Version” or “Standard Version”. 

Q3. How to edit AOL account information after signing in? 

Ans 3. Sign in via by using your AOL registered credentials. From the main interface, click “Options” and then select Account Information. This will bring up the Personal Info page on your screen. All the details will be shown to you i.e Name, Nickname, Birth Date, Gender. Change it accordingly and then click Done. However, if you want to change your password select the “Account Security” option which is given on the left-hand side of the window. Now, under the Password section, locate the “Change Your Password” link and then click on it. Then, you will see two different fields on your computer screen i.e “Password” and “Confirm Password”. Now, set a passphrase by taking into account all the requirements of a strong password. Then confirm your password by inserting it again into the next field. At last, to finalize the settings, click Save.